Additional Phone Numbers

Barn Recreation Center                                           630.848.5000

Centennial Beach (May through August)             630.848.5090

Centennial Beach (September through April)     630.848.5000

Millennium Carillon and Visitor Center                 630.848.3611

Naperbrook Golf Course                                         630.378.4215

Riverwalk Administrator - Jan Erickson                 630-305-5984

​Seager Park Interpretive Center                             630.548.4541

Springbrook Golf Course                                         630.848.5060

Sportsman's Community Clubhouse                     630.848.5000

Studio One                                                               630.864.3949

Park District Police                                                   630.848.5049

Park Watch                                                                 630.848.5050

Program rainouts and cancellations                     630.848.0993

Riverwalk Café & Paddleboats                               630.848.3541

​WDSRA                                                                       630.681.0962

General Questions
For general inquiries, please send an email to: or call 630.848.5000 is currently down for maintenance.
We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the website back up shortly.

Online Registration
The online registration website can still be accessed by going to